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Teaching English in Phillipines

There are a lot of opportunities for English native speakers willing to teach English in Philipines. The country has a population of more than on hundred million people and in less than thirty years ago English was declared a national language alongside Filipino. There are more than one hundred and fifty languages that are spoken in this country, with English being a national language; most of the population is bilingual with English taking a second or third position. The school system is similar to most western system save for the calendar which runs from March although there are plans to tune it with the Western Schools calendar where the academic year begins in August.
In terms of culture, the Philippines population is diverse; it has been influenced by the Spanish, Mexican, American, European and Asian cultures. This is due to colonization, domination and free interactions with people from diverse cultures all over the world. Majority of the people here are Roman Catholic, with most of the schools being catholic run. Most people prefer taking their children to catholic run schools due to their strict discipline system and religious beliefs. However, these schools follow a national curriculum which applies to whole education system in the country.
There are two major cities in The Philippines, Manila which is the capital city and Cebu a Southern city in an Island called Cebu. Cost of living in this country and in its major cities is relatively cheaper compared to most of the western cities. One will be treated to a variety of food. The Filipinos are known for their hospitality and warmth, working in this country and more so teaching English is bound to be enjoyable.

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