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Salary:  Less than $20,000 Location:  Anywhere
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Job Description

Hello fine teachers! As you think about your schedule, do you have a few open hours a week that you would like to fill? If so, may I suggest that you apply with Neu ABC.

Let’s start with the five W’s . . .

Who are we? We are a company based in the USA and our parent company is Cricket Media. Here is the address of the company just in case you’d like to see us on a Google Map:

1751 Pinnacle Drive, Suite 600, McLean, VA 22102

And here is our email:

We’ve been in business for over 40 years, writing quality children’s magazines. Now, we are partnering with NeuSoft in Dalian, China, to teach Chinese children English in a 1-1 setting.

That brings us to  . . . What?

What you will do with our company? You will teach Chinese students in a 25 minute long 1-1 lesson with all materials provided.

Of course, you will need to know  . . . When?

When will you teach?

The lessons occur between 7-9 p.m. BST Sunday to Saturday.   We also have open hours from 7-10 a.m. BST Friday to Sunday. To find out the time you will teach, please refer to Time and Date to convert time zones.

Now we move on to  . . . Where?

Where will you teach? This is a home-based online teaching job. You will teach from the comfort of your home or office. No need for a long commute. (To be honest, my commute is 23 steps long from my upstairs to my downstairs.)

And the last question is  . . . Why?

Why will you teach? Some people teach for the fun of it, some people teach because they love teaching, and yet others teach for money. Yes, you will be paid $18 per hour for this work. Payment is done through an invoicing system and payment comes by a check in the mail every 2.5 weeks.

So, several bits and bobs about Neu ABC. If you have at least 4 hours available per week and have a Bachelor’s Degree or above and can legally work in the USA or Canada, please apply to work with Neu ABC. We’re a real company that has a long-established reputation in the United States.

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