Teach in Vietnam – Only 21 Teaching Hrs per Week

Salary:  $20,000 - $40,000 Location:  Vietnam
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Job Description

Aclipse is currently recruiting to fill teaching positions for our client in Vietnam. Locations in various regions available.


The curriculum and program of our client targets primary and secondary school learners to develop communicative competence based on intrinsic motivation and immersion. Leveraging education-based technology tools such as automated speech recognition, smart boards and e-learning systems, students can improve their expressive skills and logical thinking abilities via experiential learning.


If you have passion for teaching, desire to experience a life abroad and compassion for learners, we encourage you to apply.


Please see below for general benefits, job description, job qualifications and how to apply.


Job Description: Typical tasks that may be carried out include but are not limited to:

       Working with ESL students between the ages of 4-18, but the vast majority of our teachers work with ages 6-14.

       Preparing and delivering fully organized lessons that are provided (No lesson planning is required)

       Classroom management

       Marking and providing appropriate feedback to quizzes, writing assignments, etc.

       Attending and contributing to training sessions

       Participating in a limited amount of paid marketing events for the language center

       Basic administration: taking attendance, inputting grades, giving monthly feedback on student progress, etc.



       Tuesday-Friday 5:30 – 8:45, Saturday-Sunday either morning (8:00-11:15) and evening (5:30-8:45) or afternoon (2:00-5:15) and evening, Monday – off day.

       21 teaching hours / week; 2 days off (5 day work week)

       Administrative ~ 5 – 10 hours (depends on individual) / week

       84 hours per month guaranteed salary regardless of teaching less than 21 hours per week

       Hourly overtime is provided if teaching hours exceed contracted teaching hours



       [20 – 22 days approx] ~6 prearranged holidays, 6 flexible (not on weekends) 

       TET Holiday: [Estimate] 10 days over February

       All National Holidays

       6 Flexible Days: Take when requested

* With a new contract, availability to take unpaid time off as long as cover is available

**sick / unpaid leave possible if you arrange with other teachers available


Locations: With over 130 centers in more than 25 cities across the North of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City, we can offer you the best start to an ESL career in Vietnam.

       All new teachers will be asked to teach their first 3~4 months in a city outside of Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Min* *(in select cases teachers can start immediately in HCM)

       Location openings dependent on teaching start date

       Location preferences honored based on availability

       Opportunity to move cities after 3~4 months (including to Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Min)


Other Benefits:

       Opt-in Start up bonus 25,000,000 VND ($1000) paid within the first month (upon legal document submission within 14 days of contract signing)

       Entry level salary range from 32,000,000 VND (from $1200 depending on classroom experience)

       21 teaching hours per week (up to 30 hours per week including in-center activities and administration)

       Over-time hourly rate of 525,000 VND ($23) 

       Monthly accommodation allowance of up to 3000 000 VND ($130)

       Small-city stipend up to 3 450 000 VND (city dependent) ($150)

       Quarterly KPI Bonus up to 2 000 000VND (depending on classroom performance) ($85)

       Expert Teacher bonuses (based on optional professional development internal coursework)

       Completion Bonus: 10,750,000 VND; pioneering bonus potential for smaller cities ranging from 8,000,000 VND to more than 56,000,000 VND (~$800-$2400)

       ~20 vacation days

       Work permit reimbursement upon 12-month completion

       Average class size of 12-16 students

       Program training provided

       Opportunities for advancement (not only teaching)

       Ongoing teacher support


Job Qualifications
• Citizenship from the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa
• Bachelor’s degree or higher in any field
• ESL teaching certificate (TEFL/TESOL,CELTA) OR a teaching certificate OR a minimum of 5 years’ experience in teaching/training
• Able to provide a background check less than 6 months old from your home country or last country of residence
** All documents must be authenticated by your home country’s Foreign Affairs entity or other authorizing agency
• Able to pass a health check required by the Vietnamese government



How to Apply

How to Apply: Go to www.aclipse.net/apply to begin your application and select Vietnam as your desired location. 

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