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Salary:  Less than $20,000 Location:  McLean, Virginia, United States
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Job Description

Hello friend,

 We’re looking for online teachers for our company.

 What does it take to be a NeuABC teacher?

 1.            First you must have a bachelor’s degree and a TESOL or TEFL type of certificate. There are new regulations in the online teaching industry and especially if you teach online to the Chinese market, these are non-negotiable factors. You must have these to work teaching online.

2.            You must be a native English speaker who lives in the United States or Canada.

3.            You also must have a fast computer with a speedy Internet connection.

4.            You need a quality headset and a quiet space to teach your lessons.

What do lessons look like with NeuABC?

                We teach a 1-1 lesson with Chinese students who are from 3-12 years old. All lesson materials are provided. We currently focus on teaching beginner level students, so teachers need to be familiar with some essential teaching techniques like using TRP and repeating words and phrases. As a teacher with NeuABC, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter teachers. You are free to bring your own personality to the online classroom. We want teachers who can deliver a quality lesson. Of course, engaging students is imperative. We let you decide how you will teach. No micromanaging teachers! Our curriculum is based on the Happy Camper’s series from Macmillan and we also have lessons that are developed based on Cricket Media stories. The lessons include vocabulary development, conversation practice, and real-life application of English in practice.  The lessons also include some audio files so students can listen to English as well as speak English. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are practiced in lessons with NeuABC.

What is the hiring process like?

1.            Apply on web page.

2.            Accept phone interview.

3.            Pass the interview-do Spark One Way Hire interview.

4.            Pass Spark One Way Hire Interview-do background check.

5.            Complete contract.

6.            Training on ClassIn.

7.            Start teaching. Open at least four hours per week during our peak times of lessons.

What is the pay scale?

Currently, we offer a flat rate of $9 per lesson or $18 per hour. We pay in the old-school way of a check in the mail. This allows us to save money! If you prefer, you can receive your payment for classes from PayPal. You would be responsible for any PayPal fees.

We offer incentives for lessons taught. 1. When a teacher has completed their 100th successful class, NeuABC will offer a $50.00 reward. 2. When a teacher has completed their 250th successful class, NeuABC will offer a reward of $75.00. When a teacher has completed their 500th successful class, NeuABC will offer a reward of $100. When a teacher has completed their 1,000 successful class, NeuABC will offer a $150.00 reward.

What hours can you work?

We ask that you work four hours per week during our peak hours. We currently have 19 total hours of work per week.  In BST time our open hours for students are from 7-9 p.m. Monday to Sunday and from 8-10:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Can I modify my schedule?

Yes, you can. We allow you to modify your schedule weekly. You must have the upcoming week put in by 11:00 p.m. EST on Tuesdays of each week.

What happens if I cannot show up to class?

You must let us know if you cannot show up to class. We know that life happens. We don’t fine you for that. Instead, we approach this situation like mature adults. You’ve committed to teach and you cannot teach. Let us know. Communicate as soon as possible to let NeuABC know. We will either have another teacher take your class or the class will be cancelled. If you’re not feeling responsible and you just don’t let us know, then we go with a 3-Strikes and You’re Out Policy.  If this happens three times, we say good-bye to you as a teacher. So, the long and short is be professional and let us know when something comes up.

How do I apply?

If you are qualified and committed educator, you’ll feel right at home with NeuABC. We encourage you to join our NeuABC family today!

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