High School Subject Teacher(Math/Science)

Salary:  $20,000 - $40,000 Location:  Lanzhou Shi, Gansu Sheng, China
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Job Description

Company Description:

The Weiming Education Group has undergone a development journey of nearly 20 years. It started from one school and developed into a group of over 40 schools. Beginning with an affiliation of a well-known school, Weiming established and developed its own brand, while carrying forward traditions and drawing from the experiences of others. Weiming has developed into exploration and innovation while being proud of its past and even more confident of the future. The future of the Weiming is also the future of not only China’s private education, but 21st century education worldwide!

Make teaching plan and schedule of school year/each semester based on the school year objectives and requirement;

1.1 Make teaching plan and schedule, including curriculum design, teaching aim, schedule, examination plan, and students activities, etc.

1.2 Make the plan of teaching and academic, including academic exchanges, teachers’ workshops, class observation, demonstration class, etc.

Make plan of school year/ semester curriculum design, including core courses, elective courses and extra-curriculum based on Michigan HS Graduation Requirement

2.1 teacher 24-26 periods per week;

2.2 maintain communications and contact efficiently and professionally with students, parents and colleagues;

2.3 participate in professional promotion programs offered by the school;

Set up student files management, including all scores (grades, midterm achievement and final term achievement) of all subjects, teachers report etc. and analyse the date and give relevant feedback to students, parents and management team separately

3.1 Analyse students grades and achievements and share the analysis report with all relevant teachers and adjust teaching plan if necessary

Organize relevant subject tests and examinations

{phone number hidden} Archive and manage student examination paper

4.1 Archive and manage student examination paper

4.2 Organize entrance examination, mid, and final exam on relevant subjects, go over and grade all student examination papers


5.1 assist the work of enrolment and market;

5.2 Assist to organize parent meetings, school activities, etc.

5.3 complete the work arranged by the leaders

Candidate Requirements:

Be familiar with science course

Be familiar with teaching aim, content, and requirement of subjects taught

Integration of science course and subject knowledge

Have the ability of integration and application of Chinese and overseas English curriculum resources

Computer skills to meet the requirement

Have the abilities of organization, management, communication, and co ordination

Salary & Benefit Package


Housing Allowance:3000/month

Working Place: Guangzhou

How to Apply

Please send your CV to weicaicai@weimingedu.com

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