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Salary:  $40,000 - $60,000 Location:  Taipei City, Taiwan
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Job Description


*************Job Details******************

  • Location: Sanxia , New Taipei city
  • School type: P-hard language school 
  • Employment Status: Full Time
  • Salary: Pay NT. 650+/H
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday afternoon to evening with 15 teaching hours per week
  • At least two years teaching experience preferred

****************Job Details*********

Location: Luzhu Dist, Taoyuan

Employment Status: Part time

School type: Sherlock language school  

Hourly rate: NT. 600-650 / hr

Working hours: Mondays & Tuesdays 1700-2100.  Wednesdays & Fridays 1700-1930.

13 teaching hours per week.

TESOL/ESL certificate required.

****************Job Details*********

  • Location: East Dist,Tainan City   
  • Employment Status: Full Time  
  • School type: Neurolink 
  • Salary: Pay 600-650 hourly rate. 
  • Working hours: weekdays with 20 teaching hours per week
  • It’s about 10 minutes away by car or scooter from Tainan train station
  • Open work permit/ Training/Health insurance provided. 

****************Job Details*********

Experienced ESL/Math/Science teachers needed in Yilan ! !
Bachelor’s degree in math/science/ESL education..
Vacancies: 3

Location: Zhuangwei, Yilan & New Taipei City
School type: Private senior high school
Students: Grade 7-12
Pay over NT. 700 hourly based on experience and qualifications+ housing allowance
Working hours:
At least 20 teaching hours per week.
Teaching subjects:
1. Teaching math, science, and ESL simultaneously
2. Literature and ESL
3. Social Science
Teaching license/Master’s degree/APRC preferred
We prefer candidates located in Taiwan already.

****************Job Details*********

  • Location: Xitun Dist, Taichung city

(It’s about 20 minutes away by car or scooter from Taichung train station.)

  • Employment Status: Part Time  
  • School type: A.E. language cram school    
  •  Students age: 5-12 years old
  • Salary: Pay 600-700 hourly rate. 
  • Working hours: 2:00-4:30 (M, W, T, F) and 4:40-6:10 (M~F).
  • ARC, health and labor insurance provided

********************Job Details************************

  • Location: Dayuan Dist, Taoyuan city    
  • Employment Status: Part Time
  • School type: ESL language school
  • Salary: Pay 650 ntd
  • Working hours: Weekdays from afternoon –evening or Saturday morning, the timetable is negotiable
  • Native speakers only

*******************Job Details*********************

  • Location: Zhubei, Hsinchu       

(It’s about 8-10 minutes away by car or scooter from Hsinchu HSR Station)

  • Employment Status: Full Time
  • School type: Willian language school
  • Salary: Pay 600 ntd
  • Guarantee 80 teaching hours monthly
  • At least 2 year teaching experience.
  • Min. 1 year Commitment
  • TEFL or TESL

**********************Job Details*************************

  • Location: Nankan, Taoyuan       
  • Employment Status: Full Time
  • School type: Shane language school
  • Salary: NT. 600+ /H
  • Working hours: Weekdays with 20 teaching hours per week

*********************Job Details**********************

  • Location: Baozhong,Yunlin                 
  • Employment Status: Full Time
  • Students age group: Elementary to junior high school
  • Class size:15-18 students/class
  • Pay: NT$600-700/hr
  • Teaching hours: 16-20hrs/week Mon.-Sat.
  • Teaching materials, lesson plans, a teaching assistant and dinner are provided.
  • We welcome new and no-experience teacher.
  • Work permit/ ARC/Health Insurance provided
  • Starting: June,2019

*********************Job Details**********************

  • Location : Taoyuan Dist, Taoyuan City   

( it’s near the Taoyuan Arts Center )

  • Employment Status: Part time
  • Students age group: Grade 1 & 2
  • Pay: NT$ 65000
  • Class hours:  Weekdays 11:30-6:30
  • Native speakers with a teaching license is a must
  • Starting time will be on August 19

*******************Job Details*************************

Location: Zhongli, Taoyuan

< It’s near Chung Yuan Christian University >

School type: ESL language school   / Live ABC

Employment Status: Part time

Salary: Pay NT. 600-700

Working hours: 9.5hr/week

Mondays 15:00-18:00 (2.5h)

Wednesdays 14:00-17:00 (2.5h)

Thursdays 16:00-18:00(2h)

Fridays 15:00-18:00(2.5h)

No class during 1530-1600 for picking up students except Thursday

Starting: August 1

*****************Job Details*****************

Location: Beitun Dist, Taichung & Xinshi, Tainan

Employment Status: Full time

Salary: NT. 55000+ NT. 30,000 as the contract renewal bonus

Working hours: Weekdays, 8 hours a day


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